Strike It Rich with Silver in Coin Rolls

Author: David J. Conway
SRN: V8198
Price: $17.99 (CAN $18.99)
ISBN: 9781440232121

Coin Roll Hunting presents readers with the ins and outs of an inexpensive and often overlooked method of investing in silver. With practical, savvy information, this book appeals to the beginner as well as the more advanced collector looking for solid details on searching coin rolls.

Experience the thrill of the hunt with practical, hands-on information on how to easily search coin rolls to take advantage of the silver coins still floating in circulation. With information on how to search, where to look, what to look for and how to best profit from the coins, this book is sure to appeal to both the beginner collector or investor, as well as those looking for more specific information on coin rolls.

•Practical, savvy information on profiting from hunting coin rolls
•Supportive, vivid images
•Relevant topic geared toward the everyman

Geared toward the beginner collector looking for a simple and easy way into the precious metals market and rare coin world, this book is also a good resource for more advanced collectors looking for fleshed out information on searching coin rolls.


August 2012

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